Fargam Neinavaie

I was born in south west of Iran, in a province that is famous for its hot temperatures, oil refineries and sandstorms. As a child I was fascinated with the beautiful forested sceneries shown on TV. The Iran-Iraq war forced my family to raise their children up in the rural area and that was where I realized how much I enjoyed being outdoors and I gained a strong passion towards nature. I received a B.S. in Natural Resource Engineering-Forestry in Iran and a M.S. in Forest as a Natural Resource from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. Forestry is a science that meets desires and goals for human benefit whilst, Ecology studies the interaction between the organisms and the environment and in that way establishes bedrock to understand the environmental problems which delivers my genuine interests. Throughout a course, I become acquaintance with Dr. Berryman�¢??s work and found her research quite inspiring. I contacted her and she kindly agreed to supervise my research in Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. I am interested in plant and soil response to natural/anthropogenic perturbations.