John Kronenberger

I'm a native of North Georgia, where in 2010 I received my bachelor's degree in biology from Berry College. Since graduating I've spent my time traveling and building an eclectic research background - including studies of longleaf pine restoration ecology, eco-evo feedback loops, avian cooperative breeding, and habitat corridors. As a master's student I am joining the labs of Drs. Lisa Angeloni and Chris Funk to investigate the effects of gene flow between distinct populations of Trinidadian guppies on adaptive male coloration. Namely, does a certain amount of gene flow increase individual fitness via genetic rescue or diminish reproductive success by introducing maladaptive alleles? This question illustrates my longstanding fascination with evolution and my desire to apply evolutionary theory to conservation biology. I'm excited to become a part the GDPE community and to explore all that Fort Collins and the beautiful Rocky Mountains have to offer.