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Field Instructor Multiple Locations

EPI is offering positions as a Field Instructor at various locations for our February – August 2017 field season. Our programs are experiential; involving inquiry-based field science through curricula and hands on participation in conservation and research projects. Programs are offered in a variety of outdoor settings (marine coastal, tropical rainforest, high mountain, tropicalislands, etc.) and are 4 to 18 days in length.

An ideal candidate will demonstrate experience and aptitude in environmental education, the ecosystems, geographies and cultures of the program they are applying to work in.  Instructors work as a team with support from program staff to plan, lead, and teach EPI’s curriculum.  Instructors coordinate logistics and opportunities with partners, vendors, group chaperones, and participants to craft an inspirational and educational experience.  They are responsible for establishing and maintaining a safe physical and emotional learning environment.

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To Apply: Applications for this position will only be accepted electronically.


GDPE Director

Position Announcement
Director, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology
Colorado State University

Nominations and applications are invited for the position of Director, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University.  This is a part-time administrative position that provides modest summer salary support and potential teaching release time (negotiable with the Director’s home department).


The Director serves as the administrator for the highly successful interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE).  The Director also serves as the chair of the elected GDPE Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee acts in an advisory role to the Director in areas of general policy, development and review of the program, and as a liaison with other activities in ecology on the campus and outside the university.  The Director reports to an Administrative Oversight Committee consisting of the Dean of the Graduate School (with budgetary oversight) and the Deans of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences and the Warner College of Natural Resources.  We are seeking an outgoing individual with enthusiasm for developing the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and furthering the Program's goals and objectives in this challenging position.


Nominations are encouraged and applications will be accepted until the position is filled; however they should be received by 11 November 2016 for full consideration. The preferred starting date is 1 July 2017.

Qualified applicants should send a statement of interest and qualifications, a short (1 page) GDPE vision statement, a current curriculum vitae, and names with contact information for two on-campus and two off-campus references to Alan K. Knapp, Interim GDPE Director, Department of Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878; (970) 491-7010; email:  Nominations and inquires may be made to the same address.


Contact Information:
Name: Alan K. Knapp
Phone: 970-491-7010
More Information: GDPE Director Position Announcement -2016 final 9-27-16.pdf

Fully-Funded Travel to India


Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative

Professor Barry Noon (FWCB) and Dr. Sunil Kumar (NREL) received a three-year grant to support science, education and technology transfer between CSU and two partner universitites in Bangalore, India. The funded proposal is part of the Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (Project Title: Partnering to Sustain India's Biological Diversity in the Context of Rapid Environmental Change: Research, Education and Community Outreach).

The broad theme of the science exchange grant is biodiversity conservation in the context of rapid environmental change. Components of the scientific exchange include teaching, research, and technology transfer. The Indo-US grant funds travel and living expenses in India for periods of approximately three weeks. The focus of the scientific exchange is on "young" researchers, broadly defined as advanced doctoral students, post-docs,a nd faculty who received their PhD within the last 10 years (very flexible, however). If you are interested, please set up a time to talk with Barry (970-491-7905;


The Fall '16 EOCL 592-005: Species boundaries, diversification and diversity in the tropics course is offered as part of the Indo-US knowledge exchange. More information can be found by visiting the GDPE ECOL 592 webpage at, and by contacting Barry Noon (970-491-7905;

Contact Information:
Name: Barry Noon
Phone: 970-491-7905