CSU Graduate School

Graduate degrees are awarded by Colorado State as an overall institution. Accordingly, the University has specified that certain academic practices and procedures shall apply to all graduate degrees regardless of the departments and colleges in which study is undertaken. As is the case in most quality universities, some consistency of requirements has been found desirable.

This activity involves several discrete kinds of functions. First, the Graduate School monitors all students' progress through the entire graduate career, from sending out preliminary information on admissions to graduation. It maintains student records on application, admission, credits earned, formal programs of study, academic standing, progress toward the degree, and graduation. Additionally, it provides a regular flow of information to students and faculty regarding these practices so that the necessary steps can be taken as easily and conveniently as possible.

GDPE works closely with the Graduate School on all policies and procedures, as well as with all departments associated with the program. The two important resources for all GDPE students regarding rules and regulations for success are the Graduate and Professional Bulletin and GDPE Handbook.

If you find yourself confused or conflicted with advice or information, remember that each student's situation is unique and some policies do change, either within the Graduate School or GDPE. It is always best to consult with your advisor and the program office to find answers to your particular situation.