Defense Seminar Announcements

The Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE) confers Masters and Doctoral degrees in Ecology to students who, after a prescribed amount of coursework and research, complete various comprehensive examinations. One important part of this process is the public seminar of a scholarly thesis or dissertation. GDPE is pleased to announce the following seminars:

Gregory Wann: 10/27/17

Amanda Shores: 9/13/17

Kevin McCartney: 9/7/17

Kerri Minatre: 8/11/17

Erick Carlson: 7/5/17

Julie Bushey: 6/29/17

Jennifer Timmer: 6/26/17

Graham Tuttle: 6/16/17

Cheryl Bowker: 6/9/17

Charlotte Alster: 5/23/17

Megan Vahsen: 5/17/17

Shelley Spear: 5/8/17