GDPE Administration

The GDPE Director, Senior Ecologist, Program Coordinator and the Executive Committee work collaboratively to manage the program.


Professor LeRoy Poff is the GDPE Director and a Professor in Biology. LeRoy handles curriculum, all of the speaker's programs (GDPE Resident Ecologist, GDPE Alumnus, Visiting Distinguished Ecologists), budgets, and he represents GDPE to CSU administrators. In addition, he is responsible for enhancing the GDPE community, alumni relations and development, and he advises student organizers of the annual Front Range Student Ecology Symposium (FRSES).

Graduate Academic Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Neuwald is the Academic Advisor for GDPE. She is a research associate in the Department of Biology. She works with the director and program coordinator to evaluate applications for students who have applied to GDPE and she assists students and faculty with program of study forms, graduation contracts and other curriculum related issues. Jennifer is located in Room 237 of the Natural Resources Building and may be contacted by phone (970-491-2796) or by email at

Program Coordinator

Sara Rose is the GDPE Program Coordinator. She works with prospective faculty and students, overseeing applications and admissions. She runs the daily operations, organizes the events of the program, and assists students in all stages of their graduate career. She co-advises the Executive Committee of the annual FRSES. Sara is located in Room 238 of the Natural Resources Building and may be contacted by phone (970-491-4373) or by email at

Senior Ecologist

Professor Alan Knapp is the GDPE Senior Ecologist and a professor in the Department of Biology. He advises the director, represents the program both within and outside of the university, and teaches core courses in the GDPE curriculum.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of members from each of the member colleges, three at-large faculty from GDPE faculty membership, two GDPE students, the director, senior ecologist and program coordinator (who serves in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity). The Executive Committee is convened and chaired by the Director. Faculty are elected on an alternating cycle for two-year terms by GDPE faculty to represent the participating colleges of the GDPE. The two student representatives are elected by the GDPE student body for a one-year term.

Responsibilities of the executive committee include:

  • Establishing policy for the program. (The director has final say for policy; disputes between the director and the executive committee may be taken to the deans of the colleges.)
  • Evaluating faculty applications for membership
  • Selecting Distinguished Ecologist speakers
  • Advising the Director and Program Coordinator
CollegeMember TypeTerm Expires
LeRoy PoffLeRoy PoffBiologyNatural SciencesDirectorEx Officio
Jennifer NeuwaldJennifer NeuwaldBiologyNatural SciencesGraduate Academic AdvisorEx Officio
Sara RoseSara RoseProgram CoordinatorEx Officio
Alan KnappAlan KnappBiologyNatural SciencesSenior EcologistEx Officio
Cameron AldridgeCameron AldridgeEcosystem Science and SustainabilityWarner College of Natural ResourcesAt Large2016
Paul OdePaul OdeBioagricultural Sciences & Pest ManagementAgricultural SciencesAgricultural Sciences2017
Ava HoffmanAva HoffmanBiologyNatural SciencesStudent2016
Whitney BeckWhitney BeckBiologyNatural SciencesStudent2016
Dennis OjimaDennis OjimaEcosystem Science and Sustainability (NREL)Warner College of Natural ResourcesAt Large2015
Monique Rocca\Monique RoccaEcosystem Science and SustainabilityWarner College of Natural ResourcesAt Large2016
Bob ReedBob ReedUS Geological Survey & Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyWarner College of Natural ResourcesAffiliate Scientist2017
Stephen LeiszStephen LeiszAnthropologyLiberal ArtsLiberal Arts2017
Melinda SmithMelinda (Mendy) SmithBiologyNatural SciencesNatural Sciences2015
Liba PejcharLiba PejcharFish, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyWarner College of Natural ResourcesWarner College of Natural Resources2016